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You can now get the Android 13 beta on Pixel 6a - theoceannews.com

You can now get the Android 13 beta on Pixel 6a

The Android 13 beta programme has been in operation for some time, enabling smartphone users to test the newest Android operating system before the stable release. The recently announced Pixel 6a was not included in the list of Google’s Pixel phones that are frequently used to run Android beta software.

Google has now discreetly updated its documentation for the Android Beta Program (h/t: Android Police), indicating that the Pixel 6a may actually run the Android 13 beta version. The announcement coincides with rumours that the stable Android 13 release is imminent.

More precisely, a Google publication made reference to the September release of Android 13. Owners of the Pixel 6a will thus need to instal the beta software if they wish to try out the updated software before then. Fortunately, if you require help, you may refer to our instructions for installing Android 13 beta.

In any case, Android 13 promises to significantly alter the mobile operating system. Auto-themed icons, more general theming choices, more smooth QR code scanning capabilities, per-app language toggles, integrated rapid pair functionality, and better privacy/permission features are among of the most noticeable changes and improvements.

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