With COVID-19 case subsides TIA records outflow higher than inflow

With the coronavirus cases in and outside the nation diminishing, the number of individuals leaving Nepal has once again outnumbered the number of persons returning.

In January, February, and March, a total of 492,743 Nepalis flew in and out of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), according to the Department of Immigration.

207,695 passengers have returned to Nepal from TIA in the last three months. During the same time period, 285,048 Nepalis departed the country for various reasons including education, job, and other.

In March alone, 80,733 Nepalis returned home from various countries, while 95,555 travelled to other countries via TIA.

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Similarly, in January alone, 105,972 Nepalis fled the nation. 72,524 persons had returned home within the same time period.

According to the Department, 54,438 Nepalese returned home in February while 80,521 traveled to different countries.

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