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WhatsApp Announces New Features for Muting - theoceannews.com

WhatsApp Announces New Feature for Muting Message Reactions

WhatsApp is always experimenting with new features and upgrades in order to improve the user experience and functionality of the messaging service.

According to the most recent information provided by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is releasing a new upgrade for business customers via the authority beta channel, bringing the version to 2.2147.11.
The informative app is working on an option to turn off message response warnings, which will be available in a future version.

WhatsApp beta is available for Android and iOS devices.

WABetaInfo went on to say that WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS is working on a similar functionality.
WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to silence notifications for message answers, which will be available in a future version.

It stated it found similar references to turn the possibility of overseeing answers warnings inside WhatsApp Web/Desktop Notifications Settings in the WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.21.2147.11 upgrade.

WABetaInfo said in a report.

When the ability to send message replies becomes available in a future update, another setting will be available that can suppress all notifications when a reply is received. Bundle call alerts for message replies.

Unlike WhatsApp for Android, which provides a mute setting, this option seems to be inaccessible to web / workspace customers because it allows you to mute all replies without having to do this under the assumption.

It also turned out that this feature is in the works and the delivery date has not yet been set.
WhatsApp also performs the audio waveform of the visit bubble. According to WABetaInfo, another voice memo design is available to select the WhatsApp beta beta analyzer. Also note that it is accessible on Android and iOS.

WABetaInfo made a similar tweet, “WhatsApp performs the voice waveform of the visit bubble. Another voice memo format is available to select WhatsApp beta beta analyzer for Android and iOS.

According to the data given, if this feature is enabled on your WhatsApp account, the voice memo You can see the voice waveform, however, if you receive a voice memo from someone who has this feature turned off, or if you recorded the voice memo using an older version of WhatsApp, you may not see the voice waveform.

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