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Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) loses 9.75 points on Monday, registers highest turnover since March - theoceannews.com

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) loses 9.75 points on Monday, registers highest turnover since March

Today (Monday), the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index dropped 9.75 points and finished at 2,076.67 points.

On Sunday, the index had risen 57.61 points.

Today’s market, which opened at 2095.62 points, reached an intraday high of 2,148.61 points and an intraday low of 2,059 points. Prior to the market’s closure, the index did, however, settle at 2,076.67 points.

75,790 trades involving 10,981,591 shares of 234 different businesses generated a total turnover of Rs 4.349 billion. Since March 27, 2022, this transaction has been the highest.

The price of CYC Nepal Microfinance has had a positive circuit even in the deteriorating market. Businesses like Nyagdi Group Power, Samling Power, Salt Trading, and Bishal Bazar Company saw increases in value.

Global IME Debenture, Union Hydropower, and Green Life Hydro, among other businesses, had a dramatic reduction in share prices.

On Monday, Shivam Cement had the most turnover.

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