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McDonald’s New Winter Menu Revives Some Fan Faves and Introduces Some New Faves - theoceannews.com

McDonald’s New Winter Menu Revives Some Fan Faves and Introduces Some New Faves

Many people change their menus in the winter since the cooler months call for comforting soups and slow-cooked dinners rather than light salads and outside barbecues. For McDonald’s, which has introduced its new winter menu in Australia, it is also a period of change.

Some old fan favourites are back on the new menu, along with a few new dishes that are guaranteed to catch on.

McDonald’s new winter menu for 2022

The return of the ever-popular Mighty Angus burger heralds the arrival of the new winter menu.

If you’re not familiar with this McDonald’s classic, it’s made up of two 100 percent Aussie Angus beef patties, cheese, bacon, red onion, chunky tomato relish, and McChicken sauce in a soft gourmet bun.

The Mighty Angus is an excellent substitute for the Aussie Angus on Macca’s summer menu.

McDonald’s will reintroduce Mozzarella sticks in the snack aisle. Mozzarella batons are breaded and fried in a golden crust, then served with a chunky tomato relish.

For the first time, Macca’s will offer a Crème Brulee Pie and Crème Brulee McFlurry.

The Crème Brulee Pie is a twist on Macca’s classic Apple Pie, filled with smooth creme custard and burn caramel filling. It’s served hot and is the ideal winter warmer.

The Crème Brulee McFlurry, on the other hand, combines vanilla soft serve ice cream with a crispy pastry filled with custard and burn caramel filling. To finish, there’s a drizzle of warm caramel topping.

The new and returning items on McDonald’s winter menu will be available in Macca’s restaurants nationwide beginning July 6. But hurry, because these items will be gone once winter is over.

If you prefer, Macca’s is also testing the new McPlant burger in select Australian locations.

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