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MacBook Pro M2 has just hit the shelves, reduced by 5 million - theoceannews.com

MacBook Pro M2 has just hit the shelves, reduced by 5 million

On July 7, the Vietnamese market saw the early sale of the MacBook Pro M2 for 35.9 million VND for the 256 GB model and 41.9 million VND for the 512 GB model. Gray and silver are the only two colour options for the gadget.

M2 MacBook Pro.

Following that, real Apple distributors concurrently changed pricing. The current pricing of the MacBook Pro M2, 256 GB edition at Minh Tuan Mobile is 31.7 million VND, which is 4.2 million VND less than the quoted price. Costing 36.7 million VND less than the 128 GB version.

The product is priced at 31.9 million VND at Mobile Vietnam and 32.9 million VND at CellPhoneS, however with benefits when purchasing with a bank card, old collection is renewed. The gadget is discounted by 2 million VND while visiting FPT Shop.

There will be a variation, according to a system spokesperson, because the decrease will rely on each store’s policy. While some systems include additional benefits, such as warranty packages, others actually lower product pricing.

According to Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of Mobile Telecommunications – FPT Shop system, Vietnamese customers are particularly interested in the 256 GB MacBook Pro M2 model. Due to the strength of the new chip, the new model is anticipated to increase market vigour. The Vietnamese market has a very small number of machines, thus it may be in low supply in the early going.

The MacBook Pro M2 costs only around 200,000 more than its predecessor after the price cut. These two models might cost the same if you include bonuses or incentives (about 29 million VND).

Users have taken notice of Apple’s new laptop to some extent because Windows-based competitors in the same price range only include Asus ProArt and MSI Creator, both of which are scarce.

The MacBook Pro M2, according to Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuc, Sales Manager of Minh Tuan Mobile System, is not a device that Vietnamese customers anticipate buying. When considering that 80% of pre-orders are for the MacBook Air M2, there is more interest. Although it hasn’t yet officially entered the market, this model is anticipated to cost around VND 32.9 million.

The sale of the MacBook Air M2 will begin on August 5, according to Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy, a CellphoneS system representative. The product may be in low supply during the first sale, but it is anticipated that by the second sale, at least a month later, the supply will be steady.

Apple released two MacBook Pro M2 and Air M2 versions in early June. With a square shape, rounded corners, and a thickness equivalent to the MacBook Pro, the Air version looks much better. The MacBook Pro M2’s look is the same as that of its predecessor.

According to Apple, the M2 chip’s key selling point is its 8 CPU cores, 10 GPU cores, and 40 percent quicker artificial intelligence core compared to the M1 chip. The Secure Enclave and upgraded Neural Engine on the chip are both reported to be 40% quicker than their predecessors.

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