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Khalti Payment Gateway; 7 Reasons Why You Should Integrate it into Your Business

What exactly is Khalti?
Khalti literally translates to “pocket” in Nepali. The Khalti that we will discuss in this post, on the other hand, is a khalti payment gateway that allows for easy digital payments as well as funds sending and receiving in Nepal.

Khalti payment gateway serves as a digital wallet as well as an API provider for a number of online payment providers. It makes it simple to receive and pay digital payments using its technology in mobile apps and online applications.

It acts as a payment channel for individuals, small enterprises, corporations, and government agencies. Individuals may sign up for Khalti and have their KYC validated in order to use digital payments. Furthermore, firms can register as merchants and vendors in Khalti to expand their operations. They may set up an account with Khalti and use it as a payment gateway to accept digital payments from their clients. Likewise, government units can register in Khalti in order to get compensation.

what is online payment gateway?

An online payment gateway is a digital system that allows customers to make digital payments to their merchants through a user interface. It is a technology that enables retailers to accept client digital payments.

The fundamental role of an online payment gateway is to approve the transaction between the business and the customer. Because it authorises transactions between businesses and customers, it’s a vital aspect of the online transaction process. Payment gateways are the “checkout” portals in online retailers where customers enter debit/credit card information or bank credentials to purchase products and services.Because it is the front-end technology that delivers client information to the merchant acquiring bank, which executes the transaction, the payment gateway is an integral aspect of the electronic payment processing system.

Who Can Benefit from Khalti?
Khalti may be used by anybody with an internet-connected smartphone or PC. It’s also not difficult to use Khalti. When using a computer,

Launch a web browser.
In the URL field, type Khalti.com.
You can register or log in for Khalti once the website is online.
If you’re using a smartphone,

Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
In the search bar, type Khalti.
Install and test the programme.
You’re all set to utilise Khalti and all of its amazing features!

7 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Khalti Payment Gateway into Your Business

Easily Accessible: Every company and its owners would like to have something that is simple to use. Khalti, on the other hand, is not an exception. Anyone, including individuals and businesses, can use it. As previously said, you may access Khalti by visiting the Khalti website or downloading the app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Khalti Pasal feature: The Khalti Pasal service allows anyone to immediately visit an agent who is nearby. The agent would be delighted to help you and will transfer monies to your Khalti account. The transaction is also not time-consuming. Isn’t it a good deal? This service is especially useful if your company is located outside of the city centre, as Khalti and Khalti Pasal may be accessed from anywhere.

E-banking Partners: There isn’t a single company that doesn’t have at least one e-banking partner. In Nepal, all businesses seek to work with banks as their partners. Why? Well, having the money, including the pay, in a bank rather than in the business building itself is considerably easier. If a company can use Khalti as an official partner, then salary distribution can be done without having to go to the bank.

Website Integration: Every company has a unique identity, which is their website. We learn about a company’s operations by visiting its website. Websites are, without a doubt, utilised to advertise enterprises. Clients of a business can also pay the money directly through Khalti, which is incorporated into the firm’s website.

Paying Bills Online: There is no denying that businesses must pay bills. Businesses may have to pay for things like power, rent (if they’re in a rented facility), and a trip charge if they’re going on a vacation, among other things. Khalti allows company representatives to pay bills online without having to travel somewhere or wait in a queue for an entire day. Most firms make use of this service, and it is expected to grow in the future.

The ability to pay for insurance online:
Let’s say you own a company and want to provide insurance to your employees. Consider the following scenario: you have a hectic schedule yet need to pay for insurance. Will you put your workers on a tight schedule? Certainly not! This is why Khalti offers an online insurance payment option. This feature enables a company or an individual to pay their insurance fees online. The transaction is also documented and given to you.

QR code for Khalti
Another service that gives value to retailers and their clients is Khalti QR code. Customers may simply scan a QR code at their merchants’ or suppliers’ point of sale. The system immediately checks the receiver’s accounts, after which clients may simply click the continue button to make payments. It’s more convenient than sending money by inputting the Khalti account’s mobile ID.

Merchants may get both static and dynamic QR codes from Khalti. In their stores, they can display the static code as seen below. Operator QR codes, such as FonePay QR and Union Pay QR, have been incorporated into Khalti.