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How to Download Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos in 2023?

How to Download Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos in 2023?

Every YouTuber wants copyright free music for youtube videos because it adds to the aesthetic appeal and ensures that there are no copyright violations. All across the internet, there is a tonne of background music available. However, not every one of them is necessarily royalty- and copyright-free.

But what are royalties and copyright? The owner of intellectual property has the legal right to use copyright. In general, works of art, designs, images, movies, etc. are considered to be intellectual property. Similarly to that, royalty is a set amount of money paid to a creative, such as a musician, so that they may lawfully exploit their creations. To avoid copyright infringement and to avoid paying royalties, a YouTuber must obtain the artist’s consent before using their music in their videos.

However, you can discover a tonne of free music on many websites on the internet. Once more, you will be required to pay the website’s owner for downloading them rather than using them. Here are 10 websites where you may get music that is both royalty- and copyright-free and download it.

You may get the greatest available copyright-free music for free with Pixabay. You can easily access the website, click the word “music” towards the top, and search for the tune that best complements your film. You may simply download tracks by searching for them using numerous criteria, such as artists, moods, video types, and genres.

Pixabay is not just for downloading music that is copyright-free. The top photos, drawings, vectors, and stock movies are all available for free. On the website, there are hundreds of royalty- and copyright-free songs, stock films, sound effects, and more than 2.3 million royalty-free stock photographs, 380,00+ drawings, 120,00+ free vector art graphics, and more. Pixabay is generally regarded as one of the top websites for YouTubers.

YouTube channel
There are numerous channels on YouTube, including No Copyright Sounds, Audio Library, Breaking Copyright, and others, which serve as a library of thousands of pieces of royalty- and copyright-free music grouped on playlists of various moods and genres. Similar to this, there are additional channels like BeatByShahed, which offers music sorted by nation and instrument, Chill Out Records, which is best for lo-fi and hip-hop beats, etc. that provide the best copyright-free music specifically for vloggers. Following the download link provided will allow you to download music from these channels. Every time you use music from one of the aforementioned channels, remember to acknowledge the channels.

Millions of royalty- and copyright-free songs, stock videos, video templates, graphic templates, presentation templates, etc. are stored on EvantoElements.com. By purchasing a monthly licence subscription, you may gain access and download all the materials you require to create the finest possible video. Regarding the music, you may discover loop songs on this website as well as different genres of music sorted by them. Although the monthly licence fee of $16.50 is a little high, you may obtain everything in the highest quality after subscribing.

Free Music Archive
Depending on the type of licence you choose, Free Music Archive will let you utilise the high quality copyright free music that is accessible. The music is also available for free download, however it cannot be used in videos. It is necessary to get a licence in order to use them in videos. Four separate licencing types, each with a different price and usage, have been created. The four licence types are bronze ($45), bronze ($150), silver ($549), and gold ($918). It resembles a single-use membership.

On the website Soundcloud, you may directly approach the artists and request their consent to utilise their music. However, you must first register on the website using an email address. On this particular site, you may publish your own work and subscribe to get paid each time someone uses it in addition to downloading music. There are other songs available for free download, but membership will get you access to an endless number of premium sounds.

A collection of 1.7 million+ copyright-free audio files in various genres is available on AudioJungle. Each song costs between $1 and $5, but you may also sign up for a monthly subscription. Before you can begin exploring and downloading, you must first join up. Those 1.7 million tracks may be filtered by genre. Additionally, they frequently update their collection.

Epidemic Sounds
There are over 35,000 royalty and copyright free sound tracks in epidemic sound. You can use them for personal or business purposes. To utilise the sound tracks, whether for personal or commercial purposes, you must pay. The best thing is that you will receive a 30-day free trial and a unique pricing plan.

YouTube audio library
YouTube audio library is a collection of free music on YouTube. It is completely free, so you can download them without worrying about copyright issues. To access the YouTube audio library, you must first download the ‘YouTube studio’ app and log in with the email address you used to create your channel. Then, simply scroll down on the left side of your computer or go to your mobile channel. The ‘Audio library’ contains thousands of royalty and copyright free songs, as well as some sound effects.

Purple Planet
Purple Planet’s website and YouTube channel provide a massive collection of royalty and copyright free music. You may use the music provided on their YouTube channel for free (without acquiring a licence) in your YouTube movies, including monetized channels, Facebook and other social media, website, vlog, podcast, and for educational purposes only, as long as you give them credit. The free music is in MP3 format and is of middling quality.

If you wish to have access to high-quality WAV files and use them without giving credit, you must acquire a licence. The regular licence is $8, while the broadcast licence is $40. There are some distinctions between these two licences.

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