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Govt collects Rs 810 million in royalties from casinos

Govt collects Rs 810 million in royalties from casinos

The government has earned Rs 810 million in royalties from Nepal’s different casinos. Prem Bahadur Ale, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, directed that royalty monies be collected in this manner.

While the licence to operate a casino at Kathmandu’s Yak & Yeti Hotel was revoked due to unpaid royalties, he threatened that if others failed to pay royalties, he would follow suit.

“Right now, casinos are rushing to pay royalties.” Royalties have been received to the tune of Rs 810 million so far. “Some other glambing house have gone through documents to settle dues,” said Khem Raj Joshi, a tourism officer.

So far, 17 casinos, including Golden Finger Gaming Zone Pvt., have paid royalties, according to the Department. It stated that royalty debts of more than Rs 1.11 billion remained to be paid.

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