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FIFA suspends Indian football federation over ‘influence from third parties’ - theoceannews.com

FIFA suspends Indian football federation over ‘influence from third parties’

FIFA suspends Indian football federation over ‘influence from third parties’

The suspension implies that the women’s Under-17 World Cup, which was scheduled to begin in the country on October 11, will not take place as planned.

In May, India’s Supreme Court abolished the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and established a three-member committee to manage the sport.

The member federations of Fifa must be free of legal and political intrusion.

FIFA suspends Indian football federation over ‘influence from third parties’

Fifa and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) met with Indian football stakeholders and put out a plan for the AIFF, which must amend its laws by the end of July and hold elections by September 15.

“The suspension will be removed whenever an order to establish a committee of administrators to assume the responsibilities of the AIFF Executive Committee is annulled and the AIFF administration regains full control of the AIFF’s daily operations,” Fifa stated.

“Fifa is in constant constructive touch with India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and remains optimistic that a positive outcome to the case can yet be achieved.”

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