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Apple Watch Series 7 is on sale for $284 right now - theoceannews.com

Apple Watch Series 7 is on sale for $284 right now

Apple Watch Series 7 is on sale for $284 right now
Amazon is offering either the 41mm or 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 in green for $284 and $315, respectively, a staggering savings of $115 off the MSRP, even though Amazon’s big Prime Day event isn’t until next week.

Although the Apple Watch Series 7 isn’t a significant increase over the Series 6, it does provide two noteworthy upgrades: a bigger screen and quicker charging.

Additionally, it has a variety of health and fitness functions in addition to the EKG and blood-oxygen sensors, an always-on display, and an 18-hour battery life that made its predecessor so outstanding. Of course, you’ll also receive years of OS upgrades including watchOS 9 in the autumn.

Therefore, skip setting an alarm for Prime Day and take advantage of this fantastic price right away.

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