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Facebook Split Payments: Everything You Need To Know

Facebook Split Payments: Everything You Need To Know

According to meta, facebook messenger now includes a new shared payment option called as facebook split payments.

As the name implies, you can use this feature to calculate expenses directly from facebook messenger and share them with others.

This feature is intended to make it easy to split the cost of invoices and the cost of friends. The new installment payment feature allows facebook messenger users to evenly divide invoices and change individual donations, including themselves.

The company announced a new installment payment option for facebook Messenger in a blog post.According to 9to5mac, the new invoice splitting tool is still being tested and will initially be available only to US customers.

As mentioned earlier, users can split the cost of invoices, charges, and payments. This feature is especially useful for people who live in a shared apartment and need to share their monthly rent and other expenses with their roommates.

May also be useful for large group dinners. With installments, customers can enter the number of people they need to share the expense with, and the entered amount will be shared evenly by default.

To use shared payments, go to messenger’s payments hub or click the get started button in a group conversation. The installment payment option allows users to modify their contributions and send notifications to all users who need to make payments.

Enter your personalized message, review your facebook pay information, and your request will be delivered and displayed in the group chat thread. so once the payment is complete, you can mark someone’s transaction as “completed”.
The installment payment feature will automatically determine the amount to be paid, taking into account your share.

What do you think of Facebook’s experimental payment system? Do you use Venmo, Paypal, or a similar online wallet? Would you use Facebook to send and receive payments? Or do you think this is going in the wrong direction for one of the biggest social networks on earth? Let us know in the comments below!

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