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191 Nepalese died of COVID-19 abroad - theoceannews.com

191 Nepalese died of COVID-19 abroad

August 9, 2020
During this pandemic 191 Nepalese people living and working in different countries have lost their lives because of covid-19. Recently two Nepalese died in India last week added the num to 191.

According to NRNA(Non-Residential Nepalese Association),new infections were reported last week in India, Australia, Poland, Belgium, France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Altogether, 146 Nepalese were confirmed positive to the deadly virus in Australia last week. Nepalese in 38 different countries have been infected, with deaths reports in 16 of the countries.

The total infected so far is 55,925 of which 47,437 have recovered. Meanwhile, repatriation of Nepalese stranded due to COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown is different countries continued last week.

The NRNA is helping the Nepalese Embassy and diplomatic mission to coordinate the rescue work. So far, 46,312 Nepalese have been rescued and repatriated from 58 countries, the NRNA has said. Furthermore, the bodies of 246 Nepalis who died abroad were taken back to their respective family, while 76 bodies are yet to be returned home.
75 new cases of covid-19 reported in Birgunj

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